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Saturday, 13 October 2012

Love or Nothing / 'Rapunzel - Be careful what you wish for' by Sarah Ryan 10.10.2012

'Rapunzel - Be careful what you wish for'


Hi just to let you know about TAG's, (Toxteth Art Group's), exhibition 'Love or Nothing' at The Florrie, Liverpool from October 10th to 21st 2012.   As part of this collective I have a painting in the exhibition titles'Rapunzel - Be careful what you wish for', which explores the ideas of romance and expectations and puts a twist on the traditional fairytale idea of the damsel in distress being rescued by the knight in shining armour!  The painting is mixed media - ink, gouache and chalk pastel.  The preview was a big success, with over 250 people crossing the threshold to view TAG's work.

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